Social Media, our famous escape from reality, the world in which perfection is possible, is a very common “safe place” nowadays.
But what if cyber heaven can turn into hell?
And what if the “safe space” can cause one of the scariest unnoticeable problems?
Let’s talk about cyber narcissism..
As they get into the other world hoping for a better “new life”, people tend to expect a lot from the “light” coming out of their screen. And as we all know, it’s not always the case. Traumatized, or to be more precised disappointed, these people give a very toxic reaction by trying to get the “superior” ones to hop down to their level.
“superiors” in the virtual world is a term to describe people who get more followers and likes.
As you spend time on social media, you start to feel vulnerable and unsure about where life is taking you , the more time you spend on social media, the more you suffer… seeing everyone succeed, some get a job, some make great achievements. But you’re just a loser.
It all starts with a “friendly” shot, some people with “worship syndrome” put in a lot of effort just to befriend a celebrity, and then show off. They already see themselves using your crown to get theirs. Friendship is a very easy way to claim superiority. They just be-friend some celebrity and they’ll immediately put him in their biography. They really think it will be a very easy and successful plan until the other side hits them back.

The “superiors” will never talk to the “population”. As long as you don’t have as many followers or double taps on your profile, you will always be some obsessed fan trying to get attention from your lords. Basically, the higher the expectations the harder it gets to face reality. And as denial is easier than acceptance, Why not have a “fair” revenge?

Ruining social images and destroying lives, what’s an easier way to that than showing some “monstrous scary” face of our “dear superiors” ?
They start making offensive memes about them just to make them look bad. People start pointing out each other’s flaws in a parallel world full of perfection. They try their best to make the other “better” person get worse and worse until they reach their level or maybe slightly lower. I mean it’s kinda fair right? Why you let others live your dream while you can make them live your reality?

This sort of jealousy with the “inferiors” and pride with the “superiors” grows deeper and darker to make them reach an incurable level of narcissism. It grows them heartless to a point that all that matters is some numbers on a flat screen, not the other’s feelings… Not even their own… People nowadays ruin their real life for an “interesting” virtual one. But do they ever think… What if it gets out of control? What if it eats you alive? I mean do they even consider that? After all, you’re flesh and bone not some linked profile on the internet.. Pictures weren’t made to get likes or shares but to capture moments… But I guess most of us have been missing the moments part lately…
We always talk about Paparazzi but sometimes it hits me… If they can capture every moment of some 3M followed person, do they even attend their own?

There, and in many other situations, cyber narcissism reveals itself in some “ care and love ” dress. It seems to us like celebrities care about their fans as they make them attached to a screen for hours just to watch them do some make up or play some games. It seems to us that fans care about their idols as they dig deep into their personal lives giving opinions about each and every decision they ever take. But no, I hate to break it to everyone but it never was that way. Criticizing someone’s clothing or partner was never any sort of care. And cursing different people for some others was never any sort of love or protection.

Cyber narcissism is getting normalized everywhere for every possible reason and no one is noticing but some few that get attacked as they trigger the feeling of inferiority in narcissistic maniacs.
And I honestly consider it a huge problem as it threatens our actual real life really seriously.

So here’s a kind reminder that the life that matters is the real one and that no matter how many double taps u can get for a post it will never be valuable once the real side of you starts drowning.